Friday, May 27, 2016

Crazy Crate

When selecting a crate for your dog, remember that by nature the dog is a pack animal; and this includes having a den.  A dog crate resembles the shelter of a small den.  In the natural environment, this den is a narrow passage or hole.  The den is big enough for the animal to stand up, turn around or lie down.  The den needs to be comfortable and able to protect the dog from predators.

What do you think of this den/crate accommodation?

I like the thoughtfulness of the dog's owner.  They gave their pet "a room of their own". At least you would not worry about the dog standing up or turning around in this spacious den/crate.  What I like the most is it definitely provides a den-like space in which your dog can relax and feel safe.

On the down side, you cannot use this dog crate in the car.  Being collapsible for easy storage is not one of its traits.  It is definitely not a light weight den/crate for air travel.

What do you think about this well constructed dog crate?

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