Friday, April 1, 2016

Dog Travel Sickness Tips

There are dogs that really love riding the car with their masters but there are those that can't tolerate car travel. For dog owners who face the problems of travel sickness in dogs here are some helpful ways to prevent them from happening:

Puppies are most susceptible to car sickness this is because they have under developed ear structures that makes them easily nauseous. If you have a puppy it would be best to prepare for the worst case scenario. Place several towels or newspapers underneath your pet in case he vomits. Training your puppy for short trips is best done at a very early age. This way as your dog grows and develops his inner ear structure he will be able to tolerate and enjoy car travel with you.

Securing your dog with a harness or a dog car cage can make him feel at ease and comfortable. The main cause of travel sickness in adult dogs is anxiety, making your dog comfortable and at ease will remove his anxiety and will make car travel with your dog a fun and pleasant experience.

Training your dog to car travel with you is still the best way to prevent car travel sickness in dogs. When training your dog to the motion of the car it is best to secure him at the back seat of the car facing forward to avoid visual cues that could make him dizzy. Train your dog for 10minute car trips at first and if he is doing fine you can gradually increase the time of his car training.

Unrestrained dogs are very susceptible to motion sickness. Dogs that are not properly restrained in the vehicle while moving is often prone to motion sickness securing your pet in a harness at the back seat or a dog car cage can prevent car sickness and other possible injuries.
Travel sickness in dogs can be avoided without the help of medication. With proper training and a little patience you can help your dog overcome car travel sickness. Your dog can easily overcome car travel sickness or motion sickness with the proper training and if you are successful with your pet's car training you are now on your way to a wonderful journey with your beloved dog. Just remember to always observe safety when car traveling with your dog to avoid any possible accidents on the road and always plan ahead if you want to travel with your dog.


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